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The Mission 5 Million℠ (M5M℠) movement represents Mannatech’s mission to see 5 million children in need receive proper nutrition with our real-food supplements.

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  • Manapol is now available!
    Mannatech Australasia has officially launched its most legendary ingredient, Manapol powder, the highest quality aloe vera gel extract in the world, as a standalone product. This exclusive product, supports a healthy immune system*. Manapol powder is a pure, premium, 100 percent aloe vera gel extract that is abundant in acetylated, mannose-rich polysaccharides, or acemannans, designed to support cell-to-cell… […]
  • Most Aloe Vera Products Are Missing This Key Feature That Makes the Difference to Your Health
    There are a lot of companies that sell products based on aloe vera gel. Some make boastful claims about what their products can do, but what most of these companies are missing are clinical trials that scientifically validate their products. This is just one of a number of advantages that Mannatech provides its customers compared to… […]
  • Fit Forever: Why a Consistent Regimen Brings Positive Results
    Most everyone knows that consistency in your daily regimens and routines is a key to success. There are several benefits to having a regular sleeping and working schedule to keep your energy levels high so that you can achieve your maximum potential throughout the day. There are benefits to having consistent communication in your relationships… […]

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